how to pull interior space

How to Pull Your Interior Spaces Together With These 3 Steps

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A home is our sanctuary. It’s a place where we enjoy relaxing after a long day of work. Thus, making the interior of our home is important to induce that kind of feeling. If your home feels cramped and messy, then you won’t find some peace when you walk the front door. Here are 3 steps to pull your interior space together if you have no idea how to do it!

Get a Harmonized Look with These Steps

how to pull interior space

1. Choose the Style That You Want

First thing first, take a look as to what kind of style that you gear towards. You must have some preference that you want to incorporate into your home, right? You can go with what’s on-trend like minimalist style, or go with something glamorous and elegant. Or heck, choose a beach theme house and create your own spin into it. But keep this in mind when you décor your space.

In this step, you need to decide the color pallet too. It’s super important when creating interior spaces that go well together. Too much random color doesn’t give your space an organized look. Instead, it screams that you don’t pay attention to things that you bring at home. For your big furniture, pick one that is in your pallet colors. You can then later add some accented colors in your decoration.

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2. Start from the Ground Up

Your rooms should have coherence pieces all together. Start by deciding on what goes on your floor, and then move to other pieces. You can choose to go with having a carpeted floor, or have wood flooring with a rug in the middle. If you pick the right one that went well with your wall paint, you’re pretty much set. Bear in mind with a rug, don’t go with a too overpowering color. Keep it in a more muted one.

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It probably goes without saying that you need to get some furniture that goes well with the aesthetic and style that you want. These will all depend on you. Choose something more modern and sleek to give a glamour and elegant look. While something more bright and neutral can give a more minimalist aesthetic in your interior space.

3. Décor to Tie It All Up

This one is super, super important if you want to pull your space altogether. Decoration is the key. You can make your wall, rug, and furniture into a whole one unit with little decoration. Introduce some accent colors in your area with this trick. Go crazy, and bring something totally unique to give a peek into your personality. Show off your eccentric arts that you have lying around. Small things like little accent figures, some mugs and vases can change a total appearance on a room.

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If you really don’t know where to start, go with plants! You can’t go wrong with that! Get one that is super big like Dracaena as your main piece of decoration. But it takes a lot of space in your area. If you only have a small footprint to décor, go with small vine plants like some Pothos. They’re super on-trend right now too. Having them in your living area will bring a sense of comfort which in the end brings a coherence look in your entire interior space.

Maintain a consistency look inside your home is going to make it as if you pull it all together! Start by having a sense of what kind of style you want to have in your whole house. Then, pick your furniture from the biggest piece in the room to something smaller, which means starting from the ground up. Then, sprinkle your touch of uniqueness and personality with decoration that suits you the most. You achieved a perfectly harmonious place inside your home!

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