How to Make a DIY Industrial-Style Blanket Ladder under $60

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Winter weather always invites us to put more and more blankets on the bed. Starting from the duvet, blanket, throw blanket, and more, that we thought are cool and warm. OMG! So many! Though they serve their purpose, sometimes it can be a pain to make the bed in the morning. If you experience the same thing then maybe getting this industrial-style blanket ladder will be a great solution for your organizer! Check out how you can make your own in less than $60!

DIY Blanket Ladder for Your Decor and Organizer

industrial style blanket ladder

1. Prepare the Materials

You only need five things in this project. Get some 2 of 2″X4″ boards. Choose the one that is 5ft long for the ladder’s mainframe. Next, get 5 of ½” Galvanized pipe for 18″ long. Along with that, get 10 of ½” pipe caps to finish it. If you want to paint your pipe, get a spray paint in your chosen color. For an industrial look, black will look the best. Don’t forget about your wood! Pick up a wood stain as well, this will bring your wood’s pattern pops!

2. The Tools That You Need

Before you started, make sure that you have a drill on hand. You will need much of it. Choose drill bits that are of size. Go with 7/8 for an industrial style blanket ladder. To smooth out your wood, you’re going to need some sanding block. 120-150 grit is good enough if you decide to buy one. A little note, don’t forget to protect yourself when sanding the wood or painting your pipe. So make sure you have some kind of mask or a respirator on when working. Oh, you’ll also need some rag for the staining.

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how to style blanket ladder

3. How to Do It

The first thing that you should do is to cut your wood into size. If you bought 2 5ft long wood, you don’t need to do that. So make sure you buy 2″X4″ woods that are in length already. At this point, if you want your ladder to lean better on a wall, cut the bottom of your woods into a slight angle. Then, drill 5 holes in your woods, ¾ in the middle of each board. Note! Here, you need to give a 15″ space from the bottom, then 10″ apart between each hole. Your board should leave a 5″ space at the top.

After all of those drilling, let’s move on to the next step of making your industrial-style blanket ladder which is sanding and staining. First off, sand your wood with your sand block till smooth. Make sure there’s no snag wood poking out. Don’t forget the bottom and top of your wood too. Next, stain your wood using your chosen wood staining. Take a little rag that you prepare before, dip it into the stain and wipe it on the wood surface. Do it for two or three times depending on your desired colors.

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farmhouse style blanket ladder

While your hand still dirty, it’s time to tackle the pipes! Get them ready for the size. Then spray them into black, if you go with an industrial-style blanket ladder. This gives the finished product a sense of masculinity and strong, which totally what an industrial vibe is all about. Don’t forget your pipe caps! Remember, get a spray paint instead of regular paint. The reason for that is because this gives a more polish look in your painting.

The last thing that you need to do is assemble all of that! Feed the pipes through the holes that you previously drilled. Do it one by one, and put your cap pipe on the outside of the board to give more edge into it. The caps also prevent your pipes to slide off right away. Then, tada! Your ladder is ready for your decoration. All of that is under $60. This tutorial is a steal if you decide to make it. Good luck!

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