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How to Create the Perfectly Organized Pantry

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Having a big pantry in a house is a blessing. Storing food will not be a problem anymore. You can pretty much have endless supplies for dry and can goods. With that, you don’t have to be constantly going grocery shopping every day. But, the pantry can get pretty chaotic! Don’t you agree? With the amount of food that we shove in there, it’s no surprise that everything becomes a mess so easily. If that happens to you too, try following these steps so you can have a perfectly organized pantry on your kitchen too!

Steps to Make Your Place Superb!

food pantry name ideas

1. Get Rid of It All!

Well, not literally. What this means is that you need to empty out all your foods from the shelves. Every single one of them! You have to do this to your pantry before you begin the transformation. When you take off the foods, check their labels and see if they’re still under the expiration date. Or, if you find some mole or weird looking food, don’t hesitate to garbage them. Pantry’s usually the place where the food gone badly stored. Set aside the one that is still good to use and throw away that don’t.

2. Select and Group Your Food

After making sure that what you have is edible, and then start to categorize them into sections. You can do whatever system you want. Create a perfectly organized pantry that makes sense to you and your family. But make sure that you have a designated section on where every food goes. Then for your next grocery shops, you can put your groceries in the exact group to avoid future chaos!

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3. Clean that Out!

Do you know how dusty your pantry is? Especially if it’s a big one, it collects dust over time. it’s super important to clean it regularly since it’s where you store your food. So get a broom or vacuum and some duster to your pantry area. If you have the time, wipe it too with a wet cloth and some disinfectant. This will to ensure that your food later will be stored in a clean area. If you want to fix the shelving, now it’s when to do it.

4. Get Some Organizer

Now it’s time to assemble your new pantry. Get some storage organizers to make a perfectly organized pantry. What to get it’s gonna be different for what you need. You can get some mason jars for goods such as pastas and flours. Beans and rice will be best in mason jars as well. For snacks and protein bars, store them in a bin. Choose one that is clear plastic so you can see your. If you have many extra condiments, store them in little divider that you can get on dollar stores. Label the organizers to make it easier.

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5. Tips for Your Future Self

Like what was said before, pantry can get chaotic pretty quick. To avoid facing the same fate in the future, you need to make sure that you stay organized. You now have the place to store every category of foods that you have. So, if you buy them again, put them in their respective order. If you can keep up, you don’t have to deal with such a mess anymore! A perfectly organized pantry for lives!

An organized pantry exists. You can get your pantry under control too if you follow those steps! They’re super easy to do. And the end result is something that is desired. More importantly, if you follow the 5th tips after you go grocery shopping in the future, you will keep your pantry organized. No more mess from your food!

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