coffee shop bar design ideas

Eye-Opening Coffee Bars You’ll Want for Your Own Kitchen

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Who doesn’t feel impressed by some eye-opening coffee bars. When you go somewhere and try to get some refreshing coffee to accompany your journey and you see this amazing bar, you might feel lost in its charm. And then you might think, what if you have that amazing bar inside your home and to be more precise, in your own kitchen? Well, you’re in the right place for that. We are going to help you to come up with the best kind of eye-opening coffee bars that you can enjoy all the time at the comfort of your own house.

Actually, you’re not alone in this, there are so many people who share their ideas on the internet about having a private bar. And this is good news for everyone, now you have tons of ideas that you can use, but choosing one could be a challenge. That’s why, we’re here to help you to choose the best one for you.

coffee shop bar design ideas

Designing Your Coffee Bar

First, let’s talk about minimalism. In minimalist setup you can used old furniture in your house such as bookshelf, drawer and etc. If you love DIY or recycling, then you’ll love this set up. You can customize just how much space you’re going to need to have all of your entire equipment on one place. You can gather all the things that make you happy too, just gather everything and sooner or later you’ll have your own minimalist bar setup.

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Don’t need to add something fancy or over the top. The idea behind minimalism is that only keep things that you need or value. Some ideas about things you can put: mugs, espresso cups and spoons, espresso pods, coffee machine if you have one and etc. Make sure everything is within reach and you’re good to go.

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Some of the Most Popular Designs

Another one of many eye-opening coffee bars design that are loved by many people is rustic country bar design. Imagine relaxing with a cup of coffee made from your lovely and relaxing rustic country coffee bar. There are many containers with rustic design that can accommodate all sorts of pods, plus mixers, mugs, hot chocolate fixings, and more. For more country vibes from the bar, you can hang a chalkboard on the wall, you can use it for all sorts of things like grocery list, to-do list, reminder, inspiring quote or schedule for the day. Starting your day with this kind of set up is a bliss.

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Adding Decors, Colors and Personality

For the opposite of country vibes, you can try a colorful and quirky classy coffee bar. You use all kinds of colors that you love. From blue, red, green, or even white. You can paint it yourself and let your creativity flowing. In quirky bars like this, you need to make sure that your personality is represented by the bar. Maybe you can add your mug collection or DIY wall décor. If you love plants, you can place it on top of the table as well. Everyone who gets a single cup of coffee from the bar will know for sure that you’re the owner of it.

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Hidden and Space-Efficient Coffee Bar

For people who like something more discreet, you can try a secret caffeine spot. The idea is that it’s hidden away in some kind of compartment that you can open and close as you need it. When the compartment opens you can see all your stuff from coffee maker and mugs. After you’re done, you can just tuck it away until next morning.
No matter what you choose, we hope that you find your own coffee bar from all of these amazing eye-opening coffee bars design.

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