diy bifold barn doors

DIY Bifold Barn Door – Transform a Closet door for $15 with 1/4″ Plywood

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If you sick of your bifold door that has been forever there on your closet door, change the look of your door into something that more on-trend. A barn door is everywhere right now on Pinterest. It gives the modern look of your bedroom a homey feeling. You can totally do that by following this instruction on DIY bifold barn door for a steal price of $15 only!

Do It Your Own Barn Door with Less Than $15!

diy bifold barn doors

1. The Material You Need

You don’t have to pay much to transform your closet door. You will only need a 1/4″ plywood sheet as your door and a door railing. As for the tools that will help you install it are speed square, clamps, drill, drill bit that will fit your drill, and tape measurement, which most of you already have it on your home. The only thing that you need something new is the plywood. You get it with the price only less than $15!

2. Measure, Measure, Measure!

Use your measuring tape and figure out the width of your closet. You need to multiply it by 2 and 4 inches, the reason is for some overhang and some room error. For your height, you need to think about your ceiling height and the available space for your header space. at least give 6″ to 8″ of header space for comfortable install your DIY bifold barn door.

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3. Install a Headboard

Older homes don’t have studs place to place your railing, that’s why you need to install a headboard to put your railing on. And if you do have a newer home, you don’t want to ruin your wall with the scratching of your door. 1X4 or 1X6 size is mostly used. You can choose either of the two. The center of your headboard should be about 2″ above your door.

diy barn style bifold closet doors

4. Mount Your Railing

The height of your rail should be about 2.25″ above your door height. This will to ensure that you have about a 0.5″ gap underneath your door. The reason for that is so your door won’t drag the floor when you move it. Take your railing and measure the placement of your drill. Pre-drilling your holes instead of fastening it all right away on your DIY bifold barn door, will ensure a more accurate placement of your rail.

5. Install Your Hardware

This is time to hand your door. This is where you install a floor guide and attached your plywood with the railing. This will need a little bit of adjustment on your plywood door and the railing. But if you measure correctly, you will only need a little adjustment to make sure your door slides perfectly. Put some oil on the door guile and the railing if you find them a bit hard to move.

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diy bifold doors into barn doors

6. Install Your Door Stop

Also, don’t forget to install a door stop as well, especially if your closet is in the middle of the room. This will ensure that your door will not slide off the railing. You should put it on either side of your railing to ensure your door stay in place. Your hardware usually comes with it already, so you don’t have to go out and buy a separate hardware to do DIY bifold barn door.

It is all finish. All you need is some painting if you decided to paint them a certain color with just a little time and effort that you need to spend. You now till have new look by using plywood on your closet door so you save a little money and you only need to spend $15 on it!

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