Smart Basement Bar Ideas: Making Your Cellar Pub Sparkle

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People at some point of their lives had some crazy and smart basement bar ideas but for some reason never actually committed to it. Well, if anything, now is the best to start building the best basement that you have ever dreamed of. We’re going to give you some pointers to help building the bar from scratch.

Basement bar has always been a popular concept since long time ago. Basement is more than just a dark little cave under your house, it can be the place where people escape to do something that they enjoy, like a hobby, or maybe just resting away. With a basement bar you can not only relaxing in your basement but also share it with everyone that you love. You need to crank up your creativity juice.

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Things to Consider

There so many parts of smart basement bar ideas to think of here, and you choose and mix match multiple designs, décors, and furniture to suit your preferences. We will just throw you some concept or ideas for you here. Let’s start with a wall-mounted bottle opener. As for the wood panel, you can get one from anywhere even custom-made one or you can make a DIY wood panel for the bottle opener. Simply sand and stain a 1×6 pine board, add a customized message if you want or just basically anything that you can fit there and of course the bottle opener itself. It’s probably the simplest part of the bar but it’s also very important. You can’t have a bar without a bottle opener.

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Playing with Colors

To make the basement more inviting and comfortable, you might want to stay way from dark and grim colors. You can use warm woods and white tiles. The white subway tiles add a distinct style to a basement bar and make it look brighter and cleaner. The warm woods add more class to the bar, so it wont look like a dirty basement. You can also add some colorful bottles into the mix. The bottles will stand out so much and look like a lot of fun.
Basement bar is also identic with a classic stone bar design. You might have seen it in movies or something, so you get the idea. There are many bars with stone concept to make it feels like you went back in time. it might take some to design something like this.

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Don’t Forget the Chairs

As for the chair you can use something like classy yet homely chairs or chairs with industrial feel to it like bar chairs. More about the chairs, it’s preferable to get something lightweight to save some space. Lightweight chairs are also easier to clean up and be brought outside. You can add some custom seating along the wall to add some extra comfort.

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If Space is an Issue

If you want something to save more space more than anything else but still looks good, a minibar design might be what you’re looking for. A small basement is not an excuse to not have a bar. A classic basement bar design could fit in any basement of any size, you can always apply this concept if you like.

Another way to save space using among other smart basement bar ideas, is using customized pullout drawers. Custom-made pullouts will secure bottles upright and the changeable divider panels will maintain liquors from tipping. Very smart solution. And don’t forget to take advantage of some empty space on the walls for some storage or décor, it will really bring the basement bar to life.

If you’re ready now it’s time to implement these smart basement bar ideas and get that basement renovation.

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