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Minecraft House Ideas for Different Looks

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There are several Minecraft house ideas that you can choose when you are playing the game. Since 2009, the game has impressed a lot of people and they have used the resources to craft various items, like armor, building material, and weapons. However, the sky is the limit to your creativity and creations. You can actually make some detailed houses. That’s why there are several ideas for the construction. What are they?

Survival Wooden House

house ideas in minecraft


cool house on minecraft

This type of house isn’t only simple but also practical. The house has a big interior and four levels so this one should be enough to keep all of the supplies. Can you decorate the house? Absolutely. You are free to decorate the house as well as the keeping your supplies. If you want to protect the house, you can also install traps (different types of them) within the perimeter. There are tons of Youtube tutorial videos to build the house.

Wooden Chunk House

house designs on minecraft


minecraft house ideas survival

Among the Minecraft house ideas, this is one of the simplest. With the 16 x 16 block plot (plot is equal to space), this house has 4 levels with 3 floors and also a basement. The top 3 floors have an open design so if you want to keep your items, put your cabinets or chests inside the basement. The top floor has big glass windows resulting to the openness. That’s why it isn’t advisable to put the cabinets or chests there. The top floors are better for modern and nice design.

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Fortified House

how to make a cool minecraft house


how to make a minecraft modern house

This is basically a fortress house – which is perfect for protection. The general design includes elevated house that is made of stone. It also has only little opening and window. This type of house is just perfect for a survival server where you want to protect yourself and keep the unwanted guests out. The design is practical for safety reason. Not to mention that it has a tower (usually located at the back side)that enables you to have a free and nice view.

Tony Stark House

If you ever watch Iron Man movies, then you know what Tony Stark home is. It overhangs a beautiful cliff facing the water. This is ideal if you want your dream house to be close to water and yet not too close. The house has many deck spaces allowing the family members to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. The house is also filled with big windows. Basically, it is luxurious and exclusive in Minecraft house ideas.

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Aquatic House

minecraft beach house ideas

This is the perfect design if you don’t want to build your house on land. The house is on water with unique theme view and surrounding. Basically, you can create any house with the aquatic design just be sure that it is functional and also practical.

Water House

minecraft underwater house ideas

A water house is constructed by extending the structure over water. There are buildings on both sides (of the water)and the house has a walkway that can lead to another area of the house. With the walkway, it would be easy to pass over or move around.

There are still many ideas and designs for the Minecraft houses. Just browse for more Minecraft house ideas.

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