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Although people have different opinions about using the smartphone stands, knowing some simple DIY phone stand tricks can be quite useful. What if you need a stand and yet you don’t have extra money to spend? Or what if you need an emergency stand because the old one is damaged or worn? No need to worry, there are several DIY hacks that you can do on your own without involving any complicated steps.

The Unused Tissue Roll

phone stands diy

What do you do with the old tissue roll? You usually throw it into the garbage, right? Well, in case you need an emergency smartphone stand, use the roll to create an easy hack. You only need to make a hole (that your phone will fit perfectly) on the middle of the roll. You can paint the roll or not – that’s up to you. You can also add adhesive tape on the bottom side of the roll so the roll will stick just nicely. But if you don’t want to, that’s fine. If you decide to paint the roll, make sure to allow some time so it will dry. When it is dry, you can use it right away.

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Plastic Card

diy phone stand cardboard

diy wooden phone stand

If you have unused cards or old hotel (room) key, this DIY phone stand is perfect for you. You only need to bend the card so it can be a useful stand. Don’t know how? Go browsing some Youtube videos or website sources. You should be able to do it by yourself. Don’t discard thicker cards. They may be more difficult to bend but they can accommodate heavier and also bigger smartphones.


homemade phone stand

Do you know that your regular fork can be transformed into a simple smartphone stand? You will need to have a pair of pliers for this to work successfully. Although there are several different ways to transform a form to a stand, there is the simplest method. Lay the fork on a flat surface. Bend the fork’s handle forward-up to 90 degrees or whatever degrees that you want for your preferred and convenient viewing angle. Then bend the prongs up (generally choose the most exterior sides) so it will create a cradle-like shape so the phone can sit in nicely. The back side of the phone should be propped up nicely by the handle. As the result, you can have a cheap, simple, and yet functional DIY phone stand.

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Binder Clips

diy phone stand binder clips

Yes, those black (document) clips can be used to create a stand. You can clamp these clips together to create the stand. The greatest thing about the binder clips is that you can fashion different clamping methods to create a cradle-shape model. The binder clip has its own advantage where you can also arrange the cable so it won’t be scattered.

Old Casette Box

diy phone stand for filming

This is the easiest trick because you only need to open the box and voila! You simply pop the smartphone to the box. But if you want to put the phone within the landscape mode, this box won’t accommodate it.

There are still plenty options to make the stand – just browse around for more options. The hacks of making DIY phone stand are limitless.

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