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Simple Ways to Make DIY Pencil Case

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Ready to get back to school with style with your own DIY pencil case? Want to have a new home for your stationary? Instead of spending money to make one, why not making one on your own? You can pick any color, style, or design that you want without a fuss. You can make as many as you want. Moreover, sewing the pencil case isn’t as hard as you think. Sure, you will need some sewing skills but not the complicated or advanced one.

The Boxy Pouch

diy apple pencil case


diy bag organizer pencil case


diy pencil case no sew

You probably have seen such a boxy pouch in the bookstore. Have you ever wanted to buy one? Why buying one when you can make it on your own? The best thing about such a box is that you can tweak with the dimension anyhow you like it. Whether it is bigger or smaller, you are free to do so. Use faux leather or heavyweight fabric to make this boxy pouch.

Here are the steps in this DIY pencil case:

  • Cut the fabric piece in 10 inch square
  • Make sure that the fabric’s right side is up. Take a zipper and keep the face down all along the fabric’s one edge. Sew it.
  • Fold it and join the fabric’s other edge to the remaining zipper edge.
  • Now the fabric is coming in a tube form. Flatten it. Make sure that the zipper is located on the center. Then stitch both sides of the edges so they will be closed. Once you do it, clip the corners.
  • Pinch one (of the corners) and then sew one inch across from the corner. Don’t forget that you should keep the seam allowance to remain open. Do this for the others until all corners are done.
  • You are basically done. Just turn the pouch right side out and your pencil case is done!
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Felt Pouch

diy pencil case no zipper


diy pencil case without zipper


diy roll up pencil case no sew

This is a super easy DIY pencil case where you don’t really need to spend a lot time stitching and sewing. The greatest thing about this felt pouch is that you can create any kind of shape and form and you can decorate it anyway you like it. This is a perfect project if you want to tag along the kids.

And how do you manage the design?

  • Choose a shape and a size and then cut it from the felt. Make sure that you have two pieces that will be used as the front as well as the back.
  • Don’t forget to prepare a zipper too. It can be in the same color (as the felt) or in another color. You are free to decide.
  • Choose the back piece. Make a window (for the zipper)
  • Attach the zipper to the inside part of the piece. Stitch the edges. If the zipper has an extra tail, cut it.
  • Join those two pieces. You can topstitch along the edges. If you know how to make a decorative stitch, then you can make a fancy pouch. But if you don’t, a regular stitch will do.
  • You are done! This method isn’t only handy for the pencil case, but you can also make others, such as a coin wallet, a storage pouch, and such thing alike.
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There are still more designs that incorporate easy and simple pencil case to make. Just browse around to find the most ideal DIY pencil case that you like.

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