granny pods med cottages floor plans

Granny Pods Floor Plans For Maximum Convenient

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Granny is one of the members of family that will require special attention, since they are not fit to do everything by themselves. And if you do want to build a special house for your granny, therefore you can try to build the granny pods, or the little house that is complete with all house features that is required to support the life of your grannies. There are a lot of features that need to be concerned when you are about to build the pods, and the most essential of them are the granny pods floor plans. The floor plans will let you zone the house easier and making it more effective so that you are not wasting any space.

How to make the good floor plans

Granny pods floor plans are essential for the convenience of your grannies since they are not as fit as the rest of the member family. You need to make the house space-wise so that your granny doesn’t have to move around too much which will cause them pain. That is why you need to plan very carefully concerning the pods floor plans so that you can have a small and convenient house for your grandma. If you are about to build the pods, here are several tips you can use before building your pods.

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granny pods med cottages floor plans

1.  Minimize the space

The point for having the granny pods is to have the mini house for grannies to live in. you need to make those as small as possible so that your grannies can live there quite convenient. But you need to make sure that the house is properly equipped with the need of the house such as the bathroom, the kitchen and the dining room so that your granny could survive there. You need to lay out your plans and make them as space-wise as possible, without reducing the critical function of the house.

2.  Build many ventilation

As the house get so small, the house need to have the proper ventilation otherwise it could get so hot. You need to have the proper ventilation for your house so that your small granny pods will have the proper air circulation and therefore you will make the house very comfortable and liveable. The ventilation could be in the form of the windows or the gap in the house, whichever you can handle.

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floor plans for granny pods

3.  Build the safety system

As your grannies will start to live there alone, you need to make sure that your grannies lives there safely and without any harm. To do this you need to install several safety measures such as the fire alarm, anti-theft measures and so forth. You need to have the hotline in your phone too which are directed to the police of the fire department.

Granny pods floor plans need to be planned very carefully since your grannies won’t be able to live there alone without any proper equipment. The pods also need to be secured and protected so that your grannies can live there without any harm.

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