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4 Reasons you Should Build a Sunken Living Room

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The sunken living room is the trend again among people. Now, this style of the area make come back with modern style and leaving the old and vintage design. These sunken rooms are popular among architects and interior designers when building open concepts home that have a big space. This sunken space is characterized a depressed down floor, but also by the curved design of seating area and creating a separation in the room.

Here are four reasons why you should building a sunken living room

1.  Perfect for open concept home design
Nowadays a popular home design is the modern open concept style. This style has a big room without any separations. But the free concept home is having a problem the too modern and cold and uninviting feeling, but the sunken room makes the living room look more comfy and appealing. So, this sunken living room designs are perfect for modern open concept home.

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2.  The sunken living room is inviting
The step down living room can create a cozy space in the home, and when entering the house, the eyes are directly looking at the depressed room, make it look inviting. You can add a warm tone with wood material to adding the homy feeling. Add a fireplace perfect your room. To make it look modern, choose clean-line and light color without too many patterns.

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3.  The sunken living room creates a separate but not isolate
The advantages build sunken room is that there is no need a wall or furniture to create a separation, and make your room more spacious. The wall will separate the living room from other room, the sunken living room solutions are by creating segregation in the area. You can build a large sunken room in modern open space home.

4.  Good transitioning from different tile
Recent days, there are various floor and tile pattern. It is rather difficult to make floor plants in open spaces without wall or partition. One of the ideas is by building a sunken area. The sunken living room floor plans can give transition in room. The sunken room is a perfect transition for the various material of tile, like from tile to hardwood flooring.

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The modern sunken living room creates an intimate area. This style is a smart idea when you have open and spacious room to creates a sense of separation and space at the same time and make your living room more appealing and inviting. This sunken room looks perfect on traditional style home and also a modern one.

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