Privacy Fence Ideas to Keep Your House Guarded All Time

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Everyone wants a large yet safe house, whereas some prefer to create a pleasant and open-spaced house. If you need privacy for your house, especially for the backyard, you can build a privacy fence. We will give you some privacy fence ideas to help you build it.

First thing first, you must know the size of the yard. Also, determine how long you want to build the fence. Whether it is 3 feet, 6 feet or even 8 feet. After that, it is your creation to make your house safe and beautiful at the same time.

Three Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Backyard

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Usually, people always build a fence with 6 feet until 8 feet heights for the backyard. It aims to make the house safer because disturbance often comes from the back of the house. Also, choose the right material for your fence, whether it is wood or even metal. Well, here are three privacy fence ideas for your backyard :

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1.  The Hog Wire Privacy Fence

This one of backyard fence ideas won’t block your view if you want to see the landscape from your backyard, but also don’t allow the strangers come easily because of the wire. So, the principle is, create a fence with the strong wood of your choice, and give free space about 30 cms above and install wires there.

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2.  The Chain Link Design

Same as the hog wire with wooden fence designs on the first point, you use wire to make a fence. The main material is wire, and you may want to add wood to the border to beautify it. This design often comes in 3 feet fence, so you must create 6 feet or 8 foot privacy fence panels to make it safe for your backyard. You can double the security by adding additional wire above the fence, which makes it hurtful if someone attempt to pass this fence.

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3.  The Two Tone Decorative Fence

Building a regular cheap privacy fence with same design may be boring. The solution is you can come up with the two-tone model for your fence. You can design the fence with wood in one square and fence with wire in another square, for example. Besides it is unique and decorative, this design also will add the security to your backyard.

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But this fence requires a lot of hard work, and you must DIY this fence. Those are the inspiration for privacy fence ideas. We hope it helped enough for you.

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