Shaggy Rugs for Living Room Recommendation You Must Own

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The decoration is not something optional in creating something, even building house or arranging room. It is like primary things to do to make a comfortable atmosphere in your house. Decoration can be everything, such as shaggy rugs for a living room.

The rug would have so much function if it placed in your room, such as will prevent the dust from touching you, create a better environment and atmosphere, and so on. In this article, we would like to give you our recommendation of choosing shaggy rugs for your room.

Four Shaggy Rugs for Living Room from IKEA

black shaggy rugs for living room

IKEA sells so many variations of rugs that can you buy to decorate your house. Most of the shaggy rugs only have less pattern and not appealing at all, but in this store, you can find the rugs with a variety of models that beautify your room. So, those shaggy rugs for living room are:

1.  Vindum rug

This fluffy rugs IKEA has minimum pattern and color but good the absorbtion of dust and water that come towards this product. It only has grey color, but with the 30 mm thickness, your house will be free from the dirt yet decorative. Vindum rug is suitable for modern homes. This thick pile area rugs cost $179.

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shaggy rugs for living room


shaggy rugs for living room 8x10

2.  Sonderod rug
Sonderod is known for having high-quality material for the rug. The color of this rug is a blue waterfall, which is beautiful enough to decorate your house. This rug has 18 mm thickness. Not as thick as the Vindum one, but the waterfall pattern in this rug will steal your heart. Sonderod rug cost $149.

3.  Stockholm rug
Looking for a fancy and hippie-look-a-like rug? Well, you can choose the Stockholm rug to make your room fancier yet clean from the dust. This black shaggy rugs cheap will suitable for your room. This rug cost $169.

shaggy rugs for living room walmart


big shaggy rugs for living room

4.  Ternslev rug
Bored with the ordinary square shaggy carpet? Buy the Ternslev rug, and this rug will create different, edgy atmosphere in your living room. Instead of square shaped, this rug has not-so-familiar shape, probably the freestyled combination of the square itself. The pattern in this product is variety, from a small shaped box until big shaped box. You can get this rug for $169.

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So, those are our recommendation of shaggy rugs for a living room. Contact IKEA, shop one of those rugs and spice up your room.


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